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What is Gas Spring?

What is Gas Spring?

Even though many of us use them everyday, most people don't realize that they get assistance from gas springs when they open or close hoods or backdoors of their cars and SUVs. Besides cars, gas springs are discovered for new applications everyday. 

Gas spring structure includes pressure tube, piston rod, oil seal, oil and many additional components. Depending on the weight of the object it has to support, nitrogen gas with appropriate pressure is used to produce intended force. 


Gas Spring vs. Other Types of Springs

Gas springs are used to replace other traditional types of springs such as leaf spring, rubber spring, and coil spring. One major difference between gas spring and other types of springs is other types of springs display different amount of force at different displacement. However, gas springs produce almost constant force throughout the entire stroke. The significance of this fact is that gas springs are safer than other types of springs.


Gas Springs are manufactured at a world class facility.

ISO 9001 Certified

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