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Simplifying Gas Spring Cross Reference For Motorhome Owners!

Gas springs, also known as gas struts, are crucial components in motorhomes. They help lift, lower, and support various elements such as doors, hatches, and storage compartments. These springs contain compressed gas, providing the necessary force to aid in smooth and controlled movements.


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Why Cross Reference Gas Springs?


Motorhome owners often face the challenge of finding the right replacement gas springs. Cross-referencing simplifies this process. It involves matching the specifications of the existing gas spring with a compatible alternative from a different brand. This can save time and money, ensuring your motorhome remains functional.


Key Specifications to Consider


When cross-referencing gas springs, pay attention to several critical specifications:


  1. Length: Measure the extended and compressed lengths of the gas spring.

  2. Force: Determine the force rating, typically in Pounds (Lb) or Newtons (N), needed to support the load.

  3. End Fittings: Check the type of connectors used at both ends of the spring.

  4. Rod and Tube Diameter: These dimensions influence potential clearance issues in tight spaces.


Tools for Cross Referencing


Several online tools and databases can assist in cross-referencing gas springs. Certain online websites offer detailed cross-reference guides. Input your current gas spring’s specifications, and these tools will suggest compatible alternatives.


Tips for Successful Cross Referencing


  1. Gather Information: Collect all relevant data from your existing gas spring, including part numbers and measurements.

  2. Use Multiple Sources: Verify the cross-reference results across different tools for accuracy.

  3. Consult Experts: If uncertain, consult with a professional or a motorhome service provider.


Common Brands and Their Equivalents


Motorhome owners often encounter gas springs from brands like Stabilus, Suspa, and Bansbach. Each brand has equivalents across different manufacturers. For example, a Stabilus gas spring may have a direct replacement from Suspa or Bansbach with similar specifications.


Installing Replacement Gas Springs


Once you’ve identified the correct replacement, installing the new gas spring is straightforward. Ensure the motorhome is on a stable surface. Use appropriate tools to remove the old spring and install the new one, ensuring all fittings are secure. Test the new gas spring to confirm proper operation.


Simplifying the gas spring cross-reference process can significantly benefit motorhome owners. By understanding key specifications, using reliable tools, and consulting experts, you can easily find suitable replacements. This not only saves time and money but also keeps your motorhome in optimal condition for all your adventures.


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